Applied CIV

Director: Baker


The Applied Civilian department allows you to expand and enhance your role play, with custom addon cars and the ability to rob banks and stores. Meet new friends and assist in the biggest heist of all, and at the end of the day catch a movie at the Del Perro Drive-in. Ready to apply? Head over to our discord and run the .apply civ



Federal Aviation Administration

Head: J. Higgins

Black Ops Security

Head: Patriot

Sub Name

Sub Head

The Federal Aviation Administration of San Andreas. Have you ever wanted to become a pilot and take to the skies? Well, you're in luck train with the best Helicopter, Propeller, and twin-engine pilot's San Andreas has to offer.

Black Ops Security services is a Security company and Gun runners we sell Guns to the highest bidders. We are funded through thousands of local unnamed sources

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